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Donations & Fundraising

Weenie Warmers® Fundraising Gift Cards are a fun and easy way to help your organization raise money.  This program is intended to be an ongoing fundraiser for your organization.

Here's How It Works:

* Your organization sells Weenie Warmers Gift Cards at face value ($25, $50, or $100).

* We provide you with the gift cards at a 20% discount.

* Your organization keeps the difference.

So, for example, if you sell a $100 Weenie Warmers Gift Card your organization will pay $80 for the gift card and keep $20 for your organization.

You can also purchase the Gift Cards in advance, which is especially great if you plan to sell them at an event.

We offer both physical gift cards AND digital gift cards.

Weenie Warmers® Gift Cards can be used at www.WeenieWarmers.com and never expire.  Weenie Warmers® Gift Cards are an easy way for people to give money to your organization because they get to donate without buying products they might not need. Studies show that it is easier to solicit a donation when there is a product involved.  The buyer gets the entire load value back via the gift card to use however he or she wants–either as a gift or for personal expenses.


Weenie Warmers® will work to tailor the fundraiser to your needs.  We want to help your organization earn as much money as possible, and will support you in any way we can.  Please email Cindy@WeenieWarmers.com to get started today.