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How to Measure Your Dog

Avoid unnecessary & time-consuming exchanges by knowing your dog's measurements. NEVER use "your best guess" or choose a size based on past purchases - dog sizes are not "standard", so a Medium in one item will not always fit the same as a Medium in another item.

Just like people, Dachshunds come in all shapes and sizes. Some Sausage Dogs have exceptionally large, muscular chests, and others have a more svelte and lean frame. 

We use a few key dog measurements for our products: chest circumference, neck circumference, and back length are the most common.

Here are a few tips to correctly measure your dog:

  • Always use a soft measuring tape. Don't have one? Use this printable measuring tape. You can also use a piece of string and then measure the string against a ruler or yardstick afterwards.
  • We like the "Two Finger Rule". Loop the measuring tape around your dog in the desired location, pull the tape so it is snug but not tight, and then put two fingers between your dog and the tape. That will ensure the MOST comfortable fit for your dog.
  • When your dog's measurement is between sizes, always take the larger one.


Dachshund Measuring Guide