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Puppy Soothers

Getting a New Puppy? Before you bring him home you'll want to be sure you have a Puppy Soother ready to go, to help your puppy sleep through the night.

Dogs are very scent oriented so to help transition your new family member to their new home, it helps to have a Puppy Soother that smells like the puppy's last home.



1) Bring your Puppy Soother with you when you initially go to see the litter.

2) When you select your puppy, leave the blanket to be used by mom and the other puppies until you bring it home again with your new puppy.

3) Your new puppy will feel more secure because of the mom-scented Puppy Soother.


Even if you bring the puppy home on your first visit, be sure to bring your Puppy Soother along and let the mom and litter-mates touch and play with it as much as possible. 

Need to wash the Puppy Soother?  No Problem!  Just machine wash cold, tumble dry low.  You can wash it several times before and it will still hold the scent of the litter for your puppy.