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Thanksgiving Guide

Heading over the river & through the woods this Thanksgiving? We have everything you need to make the trip a breeze!

For the car ride:

Your pup will be a happy passenger when snuggled in the warmth & security of their very own Personalized Car Blanket.

Thirsty? You can never go wrong with a Collapsible Water Dish. We keep one in the car at all times!

For the plane ride:

If you have a Teenie Weenie (under 10 lbs) then the Quilted Gray Carry Bag is the ideal pet carrier. I love that it is slimmer than the standard pet carrier, so it's easier to put over your shoulder and carry your pup through the airport.

For bigger Dachshunds (up to 22 lbs) you can never go wrong with a traditional Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier.

Once you get there:

You'll need a hostess gift! Everyone knows that the way to a person's heart is through their dog, so I always bring a hostess gift for the DOG rather than the people.  The Special Edition Thanksgiving Treat Box is perfect. At 8"x 8"x 2" is compact enough to pop in your carry-on. The Thanksgiving Treat Box includes a giant bag of Pumpkin treats, two toys & a Fall Holiday Bow Tie so their dog will look sharp on the big day.

And Finally, since holiday travel can be stressful....

the ultimate Dachshund-Lover Stress Buster!

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Happy Thanksgiving!