Putting an End to Frosty Dogs Everywhere!

Weenie Warmers: Putting an End to Frosty Dogs Everywhere

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August 5, 2017

Since opening our online store in 2015, we've sold over 10,000 Weenie Warmers in 16 different countries on 6 continents, and we continue to grow our reach with each passing day.  Two viral Facebook posts and a strong social media community have helped Weenie  Warmers to become one of the most popular pet products available on the market today.  

At Weenie Warmers, we are committed to the comfort of ALL dogs, which is why we actively support rescues and shelters with fundraising events and donations.  We really DO want to put an end to frosty dogs everywhere.

Weenie Warmers prides itself on offering the best customer service known to man - AND to man's best friend.  We are constantly growing and improving our product line, and we are proud to acknowledge that every Weenie Warmers product is hand made  by a real live person in the great USA. 

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